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Permitted Development Architectural Process

At we have an Architectural Plan of Works tailored to deliver your exact project requirements. 

Please see below a full breakdown of what is included at each stage.

In a Meeting

Free Consultation

  • We undertake a background planning check to identify your Permitted Development rights.

  • This allows us to mitigate any potential red flags.

Just imagine how much easier your life would be as a home owner if you knew whether your project was feasible, viable, and economically sound. Rather than fret over your project having to pass a planning application, you can be confident that you’re making the most of your investment with our proven steps.​

​A feasibility assessment of the Permitted Development rights for your house will allow us to assess the options for your project. We will investigate your opportunities, evaluate your development potential, and make site specific recommendations to help you make an informed decision about your project. 

The Permitted Development Specialists also like to use this time to build a relationship between you and your future personal designer providing an opportunity to ask any questions you have... we are here to help you.

Your next step is to appoint an architect and we look forward to you choosing  Permitted Development Specialists to represent you. You will leave our free consultation feeling inspired, motivated, and reassured about your future project. 
Industrial Designer

Stage 1 - Measured Survey & As Existing Drawings

  • Meet your personal designer and discover the potential of your project.

  • Full measured survey.

  • Full architectural plans of your existing property.

The Permitted Development Specialists will undertake a full measured survey of your existing house, as it's not possible design and plan a home reliably and cost effectively without knowing where you start. 

The measured survey provides us with all the measurements and photos we require to place your house into an interactive 3D-CAD Model.  

During this survey, we require access to all areas of the house, including the loft space to measure the roof pitch and ridge height. This survey will also include various external measurements to locate drainage, boundaries, and proximity to neighbours. 

As Existing Drawings of the house will be issued to you in Ultra High Definition PDF's. These will be in A3 at a 1:100 scale. 

Typically this process takes 1 week after the completion of the measured survey.
These drawings are required for your Lawful Development Certificate.

Stage 2 - Concept Designs

  • Your personal designer will create custom designs from your brief.

  • Make informed decisions as we bring your ideas to life with our industry leading CAD software.

  • See what it looks like before it is built.

Once Stage 1 has been issued, we welcome you to our Stage 2 - Design Brief.

Here your personal designer will guide you through our leading briefing process where we listen, discover, and interact with you to learn what your true aspirations are for your project.

The Permitted Development Specialists live and thrive on a healthy interactive flow of ideas between you and your designer. Your ideas and input are valued and will always be listened to!

We are moulded perfectly for all types of client! Whether you are struggling with imaginative designs for your project or simply bursting at the seams with ideas, your designer will collaborate with you to create a concept design that pushes past your expectations, whilst remaining feasible.

Your personal designer will place your concept design into CAD, where Ultra HD Drawings will be created to enable a full understanding of materials and finishes to the outside of your project. 

Once the drawings are complete, you will be issued with a full set of Floorplans,  Elevations, Roof plan and 3D-Views of your rendered concept design in an A3 PDF format. 

This is the completion of Stage 2. We recommend you take your time to fully absorb all the design information, as the next stage will be taking what you like from the concept, and perfecting your developed design in Stage 3. 

Stage 3 - Developed Designs & LDC Submission

  • Unlimited design revisions will guarantee your perfect extension.

  • Achieve your Lawful Development Certificate approval.

Stage 2 will leave you with lots of design ideas running through your head of what your home could look like. 

Stage 3 is all about creating your perfect design!

We understand that this process is difficult and decisions are hard, however, your personal designer will always be there to aid you and will be able to draw recommendations from their architectural and local planning experience. 

The Permitted Development Specialists know the importance of visualising designs in a variety of ways to allow a comprehensive understanding, this is why we offer the industry leading architectural experience!

We offer an opportunity to visualise your new home in Virtual Reality from the comfort of your sofa! This allows you to walk inside and out of your future  home as if you were there in real time!

The Permitted Development Specialists will issue all the Floorplans, Elevations, 3D-Views, and a Site Overview in a Photo-Realistic A3 PDF format as standard. This will provide all the information for your Lawful Development Certificate and allows your builder to accurately quote.

This usually takes 1 week from the issue of Stage 2. Or 3 weeks depending on whether you would like to opt for the VR experience, as this takes longer to prepare. 

Once you are happy with your developed design, we will prepare for the Lawful Development Certificate. This document confirms that your design meets all the government specifications and is legal at the point of construction. We will complete the application on your behalf and add all the information required to obtain your Lawful Development Certificate or Planning Permission.

Reviewing Construction Plans

Stage 4 - Building Regulations & Structural*

  • Detail your project's technical specifications ready for construction.

  • Vetted charted structural engineers and third party specialists for your project's construction.

Legally, you must ensure that your project complies with building regulations which is a statutory requirement.

Our building regulation and structural drawings cover everything from the foundations all the way up to fire regulations, thermal efficiency, and even sound insulation. 

We have vetted chartered structural engineers, building regulation specialists, party wall surveyors, drainage experts, land surveyors, and all other potential third party specialists that could be required in the signing off of your project.

This process will leave you in the best possible position going into the construction phase, providing your builder and your local authority's building inspector everything they require. 

*Once your design has been finalised, we provide a fixed fee building regulation and structural engineering drawings package.
We hope you are as excited to start your project as we are, so please get in touch as we can't wait to achieve your perfect extension.
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